Digitek 9U Network Rack


Size (millimetre)
550×500 mm
Surface Finish
Powder Coating
Capacity (kg)
250 Kg
Mild Steel


  1. Rack Units (U): 9U, providing ample space for equipment and cabling.
  2. Dimensions: The exact dimensions may vary, but typically a 9U rack has a height of around 19.25 inches (49 cm), width of around 20 inches (51 cm), and depth of around 18 inches (46 cm).
  3. Material: Constructed with high-quality, durable steel or aluminum materials for sturdiness and longevity.
  4. Mounting Options: Compatible with both wall-mounted and floor-standing installations, allowing flexibility in deployment.
  5. Ventilation: Designed with proper ventilation options, such as vents or perforated doors, to ensure efficient airflow and prevent overheating of networking equipment.
  6. Cable Management: Equipped with cable management features, such as cable routing holes, hooks, or panels, to organize and secure network cables neatly.
  7. Security: Available with lockable doors and side panels to protect the installed equipment from unauthorized access.
  8. Weight Capacity: Capable of supporting the weight of networking devices, switches, servers, and other equipment up to its specified weight limit (varies by model).
  9. Compatibility: Designed to accommodate standard 19-inch rack-mountable equipment, ensuring compatibility with various network devices and accessories.
  10. Accessories: Optional accessories like shelves, power distribution units (PDUs), and cable management accessories may be available to enhance functionality and organization within the rack.

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